Switching the Bed Wiring from 110V to 220V

Tools Needed: 

  • Pin removal tool
  • Wire cutters/strippers
  • Crimp tool
  • Ohmmeter

Important Safety Information: Disconnect your Gigabot from power and make sure it is turned off during the following process!


  1. Unwrap the spiral wrap from the power cable.
  2. Remove the red and white wires from the connector using the pin removal tool.
  3. Using the wire cutters, remove the crimped terminals as close to the end of the terminal as possible.
  4. Tuck the red wire out of the way.
  5. Strip the ends of the two white wires (approx 2mm of strip length).
  6. Load the terminals into the crimp tool. Insert each white wire into a crimp terminal, taking care not to insert them too far. The outer insulation crimp will need to secure the insulation, and the inner crimp (bellmouth) will need to make secure contact with the exposed wire.
  7. Using the crimp tool, secure the terminals to the two white wires. 
  8. Verify the terminals are secure by performing a pull test.
  9. Insert the newly-crimped terminals of the two white wires into the connector. If the connector was damaged during removal, use a new connector. The white wires should be parallel. 
  10. Tucking the red wire backward along the power cable, re-wrap the power cable with the spiral wrap. 
  11.  Using the ohmmeter, verify the connection is good. It should read approximately 70 ohms. 

 The bed is now wired to 220VAC. 

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