Replacing the X-Limit Switch and Wire

Tools Needed: 

  • 1.5mm Allen key
  • 3mm Allen key
  • Needlenose pliers

Important Safety Information: Disconnect your Gigabot from power and make sure it is turned off during the removal and installation processes!


1. Using a 3mm Allen key, remove the two screws attaching the XY upright to the bridge rail (circled in yellow in the photo below). 

2. Using a 1.5mm Allen key, remove the two screws attaching the limit switch to the motor mount (circled in pink below) 


3. Unplug the old X-limit switch wire, and install the new limit switch.

4. Before performing a full installation, we recommend testing the new limit switch and wire to verify functionality. 

5. Plug the new X-limit switch wire into the new limit switch.

6. Using needlenose pliers, crimp the connections to the limit switch terminals to secure the connection. 

7. Re-attach the XY upright to the bridge rail using a 3mm Allen key. 

8. Connect the limit switch wire to the Azteeg control board you are using (circled in pink in the photos below) 



Azteeg X3


9. Next, verify the limit switch works by either of the following methods:

  • Homing and triggering the X-limit switch
    • Power on your Gigabot and manually move the print head to the middle of the machine.
    • Make sure the X-limit switch wire is not in danger of being caught by the movements of the machine, and be prepared to turn off the machine.
    • Use the Viki to select "Prepare" > "Home XY", and then manually press the X-limit switch.
    • If the print head does not stop, power off your Gigabot and check the connections on the limit switch.
  • USB method
    • Connect your Gigabot to Simplify3D using a USB cable, and open the machine control panel by clicking on the gear icon on the bottom of the right-side toolbar.
    • Select the communication tab, then enter "M119" into the command line as shown below.


  • Check the status of the switches, then depress the X limit switch and enter "M119" into the command line again. Verify the X-limit switch registers as being triggered.

10. Once confirmed that the printer no longer resets or fails to heat or run the fans, proceed with removing the old wire.

11. Remove the Panduit covers and grommet that the wire runs through, then pull the wire out of the electrical box.

12. Continue to remove the Panduit covers on the bottom and side of the machine frame, and remove the old wire.

13. When you get to the cable carrier, unscrew it from the frame and brackets, and open the clasps that hold the wires inside.

14. Continue removing the Panduit covers until you reach the print head.

15. Next, route the new wire in the cable carrier with the wire separators (if you have them) back to the electrical box. A video on how to organize the wires with the wire separators is found here

16. Replace the Panduit covers to help the wire stay in place. Once back outside the electrical box, put the wire through the grommet cap, insert it into the hole of the electrical box, and pull it through. It might be longer than needed, so double back the length that you don't need in the Panduit on the bottom of the frame.

17. Close the electrical box and continue printing.

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