Gigabot 3+ Uncrating


Follow the steps outlined in this article to safely remove your Gigabot from its shipping crate. 

Important Safety Information: We recommend at least two people for the final step of this process! 

Tools Needed: 

  • Philips screwdriver
  • 9/16" socket wrench 
  • Heavy-duty snipping tool 

Note: The video instructions depict our previous method of securing a Gigabot to the bottom panel of the crate. To remove your Gigabot from the bottom panel, please refer to the written instructions rather than the video. The photo below shows one of the two tie-downs and brackets holding your Gigabot in place. 



  1. Beginning with the lid, use a Phillips screwdriver to remove each panel.
  2. Inspect all Tip n Tell shockwatch indicators and check for damage. Record and report any damages to within 24 hours.
  3. Continue removing the screws on the side panels. (Some of the screws may be hidden behind the indicators.)
  4. Remove the 2x4s inside the crate.
  5. Remove the plastic cover from your Gigabot.
  6. Remove the remaining panels.
  7. Using a heavy-duty snipping tool, cut the two zip ties securing your Gigabot to the bottom platform.
  8. To avoid accidentally dragging your Gigabot across the two metal tie-down brackets, remove them using a 7/16” socket.
  9. Remove the four foam pieces from under your Gigabot, beginning with the back side. Gently lift each corner and slide the foam out.
  10. Moving your Gigabot off the bottom panel is best done with at least two people! If no help is available, carefully and slowly slide your Gigabot toward the back of the bottom panel while bracing the panel with your foot. When your Gigabot is halfway off the panel, tilt it toward the back and slide the bottom panel out from under it.

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