Electrical Wiring Diagrams

This article guides you through finding the correct wiring diagram for your Gigabot. Your Gigabot uses Azteeg controller boards for high current capability and seamless compatibility with Marlin Firmware and a Viki LCD control interface. To determine the Azteeg version in your Gigabot, please turn off and unplug your Gigabot, then open the electrical box and refer to the photos below: 


Azteeg X3 Pro:


To determine the version of Viki you are using, please refer to the photos below. *Note*: The Viki 1.0 has a white directional pad, and the Viki 2.0 will have a black scroll dial


Gigabot Wiring Diagrams

Azteeg X3 PRO Wiring Diagram

Azteeg X3 V2 Wiring Diagram

Viki 1.0 and Azteeg 1.0

Viki 2.0 and Azteeg 1.2

Panucatt Viki 2.0


Terabot Wiring Diagram

Terabot Closed Loop REV2


Gigabot X Wiring Diagram

Gigabot X (S/N 0-5)

Gigabot X (S/N 6-present)


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