Replacing the Bed Thermocouple

Important Safety Information: Disconnect your Gigabot from power and make sure it is turned off during the removal and installation processes!


1. Insert the new thermocouple two inches between the orange layer of the heater pad and the aluminum bed plate, next to the other wires, as shown below.


2. Remove the Panduit cover under the bed on the cross rail, unplug the yellow thermocouple connectors, and plug in the new thermocouple.


3. Route the thermocouple wire into the Panduit and replace the cover. Feel free to bundle the new thermocouple wire in the clear plastic spiral wrap. There is no need to remove the old thermocouple. If the issue is resolved, you can snip off the old wire and connector.

4. Heat the bed and monitor the temperature. If you are still experiencing fluctuations, contact our support team (links below) for assistance. 

Questions or concerns? Reach out to our support team at or open a support ticket

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