Replacing the Unibody Extruder

The unibody extruder is compatible with GB3 and GB3+ for both single and dual Extruder configurations. The unibody extruder is no longer supported as it has been replaced with our improved metal body extruder. While we highly recommend upgrading to the metal body extruders if yours needs to be replaced, you can find an explanation of how to print and assemble a unibody extruder of your own by emailing If you need to still need to replace the unibody extruder, please follow the steps below or refer to the video for guidance. 

Tools Needed: 

  • 2.5mm Allen key

Important Safety Information: Disconnect your Gigabot from power and make sure it is turned off during the removal and installation processes!


  1. Remove the cover, taking care not to damage the wires attached. Gently set it to the side. 
  2. Remove the fan mounts
  3. Using a 2.5mm Allen key, remove the hot ends. 
  4. Pull the hot ends straight down, taking care not to damage the wires attached. 
  5. Using a 2.5mm Allen key, remove the four screws on the underside of the extruders
  6. Unplug the motors (located at the top of the extruders) and remove the extruders. 
  7. Using a 2.5mm Allen key, remove the three screws located at the top of each extruder and remove the extruder blocks. 
  8. Setting the two motors side by side, place the unibody extruder onto the motors. 
  9. Use the same three screws and a 2.5mm Allen key to secure the unibody extruder to the motors. Note that one screw for each side is shorter. 
  10. Verify the alignment of the components and the motors, making sure the connectors are parallel. 
  11. Using a 2.5mm Allen key, remove the four screws that will secure the block to the plate
  12. Place the unibody extruder and motors onto the plate with the connectors facing up. Connect the motors on the top of the extruder. 
  13. Secure the assembly to the underside of the plate using a 2.5mm Allen key and the four screws removed earlier. Ensure they are flush with the bottom of the plate. 
  14. Loosen the hot end screws with a 2.5mm Allen key
  15. Re-insert the hot ends and secure the screws with a 2.5mm Allen key. It is not necessary to tighten them all the way, as nozzle leveling will be necessary. 
  16. Perform nozzle and bed leveling steps. 

Questions or concerns? Reach out to our support team at or open a support ticket

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