Simplify3D Temperature Plot of the Hot Ends

Obtaining a temperature plot while Gigabot is heating the bed or hot end gives valuable insight into the performance of your machine.

  1. Connect Gigabot’s USB cable to your computer
    1. If you're having trouble with your computer recognizing this, you may need to download or update your computers drivers as described in this article: Additional Software for your Gigabot
  2. Open Simplify3D or your favorite machine control / monitoring software
  3. In Simplify3D:
    1. Open the machine control panel (click on the gear icon on the right side of the screen)​
    2. Press connect to ensure that Simplify3D can communicate with Gigabot
    3. Click on the Temperature Plot tab to bring up the graph as shown below​
    4. Under "Accessory Control", set the left hot end temperature to 210C
    5. Please take a screenshots of the temperature plot while the temperature of the hot ends is rising and when it levels off

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