Moving Your Gigabot Through a Doorway


Follow the steps outlined in this article to move your Gigabot through a doorway. 

Tools Needed: 2.5mm Allen key


If you need to move your Gigabot through a doorway less than 34" wide, you'll need to remove the lower front frame cross bar. 


1. Loosen one M5 x 12 bolt and remove one M5 x 12 bolt securing the inside corner brace (both right and left sides).


2. Loosen three M5 x 8 bolts on the outside corner brace (both right and left sides).


3. Remove two M5 x 12 bolts attaching the side plate to the frame (both right and left sides).


4. Slide the lower frame piece down with the outside corner braces still attached. You can now tilt the whole Gigabot machine back about 45 degrees. This forms roughly a U shape that you can fit through the doorway.

Here is a video of moving the Gigabot through a door: Link

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