Testing the Y-Axis Homing Switches

Tools Needed: 

  • Multimeter


  1. Connect your Gigabot to a computer and open Simplify3D.
  2. In the "Communication" tab of the "Machine Control Panel", enter "M119" to check the status of the switches.
  3. While depressing the y-limit switches, enter "M119" again and see if the y-limit switches show up as triggered. If they don't, either the limit switch or the limit switch wire is not working.
    1. To test the limit switch, use a multimeter to test continuity when the limit switch is closed. If it is not continuous, the limit switch needs replaced.
    2. To test the wire, use a multimeter to verify both the red wire and the black wire are continuous. Next, verify the red and black wires on each end of the wire are not continuous. If either of those tests fails, then there is a break in the wire and it will need to be replaced.
    3. To test the pins on the Azteeg (see photos below and wiring diagram attachment), use a jumper to connect the red and black pins. Next, test filament detection by entering "M119" into the command line or by starting a print.

Azteeg X3 Pro


The components and pins referred to in this document are outlined in the wiring diagram below. 


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