Testing the Heater Cartridge Resistance


  1. Make sure the hot ends are not hot, and then turn off the Gigabot and unplug it from the outlet.
  2. Take off the back cover of the print head by removing the two screws shown below:
    • IMG_0143.png
  3. Remove heater wire connection from the back plate and unplug.
    • IMG_0144.png
  4. Use a multimeter set to "Ω" to measure the resistance of the heater cartridges in ohms.
  5. Place the probes in the slots in the side of the white connector as shown below. Note: it will require some force to make contact with the wires.
    • IMG_0147.png
  6. The acceptable range of resistance is 8.6-10.6 ohms if using probes (shown in the photo). The lower the resistance, the more effective the heater is at heating. Please note that the reading may be slightly different (plus or minus 0.5 ohm) if you are using different connectors on the end of your multimeter wires.
  7. Lastly repeat the steps for the other pair of wires.
    • IMG_0149.png

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