Removing Prints From the Bed


Removing prints from the bed sometimes requires a bit of patience and technique. We've provided some guidance to help keep your prints, build surface, and fingers intact during the print removal process. 

Tools Needed: 

  • Putty knife 
  • Large, flat wedge for larger parts 
  • Rubber mallet

Important Safety Information: Use caution when using implements to remove prints: keep your hands and fingers clear of the metal ends and always point implements away from you, never toward you.

Pro Tips: 

  • Allowing a heated bed to cool down to room temperature before removing a print helps with the removal process.
  • Avoid prying your part upward at a sharp angle. This can bend or break your part.
  • Keep the flat side of the putty knife or wedge as parallel to the bed as possible.
  • Avoid using anything with sharp corners to remove parts. These can damage the PRINTinZ bed surface. 


  1. Where possible, slide the putty knife between the part and the bed and gently wiggle it sideways.
  2. If you meet resistance, keep the putty knife between the part and the bed and tap the handle of the putty knife with the rubber mallet.
  3. While tapping, continue to slide the putty knife under the part, working it free from the bed.
  4. For larger parts, use the same sliding and tapping method, but with a larger, flat wedge.
  5. Using a slow, steady pace, continue working your way under the part until it is freed from the bed.

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