Choosing Gigabot X Print Materials

We are still in the process of testing various materials for printing with the GBX. At re:3D, we commonly print with:


  • rPET (Innofil pellets)
  • rPETG pellets
  • PET (Polyquest pellets)
  • PLA (re:3D ground flake)
  • Polycarbonate (re:3D ground flake)


For updates on the full range of materials we’re testing, see our forum topic HERE (INSERT LINK).


General rules for choosing materials:

  • Particles are ideally between 1 to 5mm in length.
  • While flake and irregularly-shaped particles are often printable, materials with more uniform and more spherical particles are typically easier to print.
  • Material must not be malleable at room temperature.
  • Plastic is recommended (either pellets or recycled ground up flake). Plastic filled with other materials (carbon fiber, wood, copper, fiberglass, basalt) may also be printable.
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