Replacing the Bed Heater Pad

The instructions to remove the bed and apply the heater pad are as follows:


Materials and Tools needed:

  1. Heater pad (110V or 220V as directed)
  2. Putty scraper
  3. Adhesive remover (we use Goo Gone or 3M adhesive remover)
  4. Rag
  5. Isopropyl alcohol



  1. Make sure the Gigabot is powered off and unplugged.
  2. Unplug the thermocouple and heater wires as shown the following picture:
    • ​​
  3. Next, unscrew the 4 bolts underneath the bed that attach it to the rails. One is shown below:​
  4. With the bed removed, you will now remove the heater pad: Start by laying the bed with heater pad facing up on a clean, flat, sturdy table, preferably covered by a blanket or towel to protect the print surface. Rotate the bed such that the lettering "FRONT" (labelled on the heater pad) is farthest from you, such that you can read it left to right. The heater and thermocouple wires will be on the side closest to you. This is important so that you know which side of the bed faces the front of the machine so the heater and thermocouple wires are on the correct side when it comes time to replace the pad.
  5. Use the putty scraper to pry up the heater pad from the aluminum at the corners of the bed. Put adhesive remover on a rag and apply it where the bed surface meets the aluminum, and keep working at separating the heater pad from the aluminum. You may also find that pulling on the pad also works well, but remember to use the rag or gloves so as not to get adhesive remover on your skin. Keep working at scraping and pulling the heater pad until it is removed.
  6. Once the heater pad is removed, use the adhesive remover and scraper to remove residual adhesive off the bed. Next use isopropyl alcohol to clean it very thoroughly in preparation for the new heater pad.
  7. Install the new heater pad by first ensuring that the "FRONT" lettering will go on the far edge of the bed plate and the wires are on the side closest to you. Remove the backing off the new pad, then place the pad on the bed by first putting the 4 bolts through the holes in the pad, and then pressing and rolling it from the middle out towards the edges to prevent any bubbles from getting trapped. Firmly press on the surface to help it adhere to the aluminum and get any small bubbles out.
  8. Finally, you will reattach the bed to the bed frame. Be careful when putting the bed onto the cross rails as the four bolts in the plate need to go into the holes of the four angle brackets. 
  9. Once properly seated, use the 4 bolts, springs, washers and nuts to secure the bed -- tighten the nut such that a couple threads of the screw are visible out of the bottom.
  10. Reconnect the thermocouple and heater wires and place them in the panduit, then put the panduit cover back on. Now you will be ready for printing.


Email if you have any questions along the way.

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