Installing the Gigabot X Feed Tube

The Gigabot X feed tube is a critical component in the transportation of printing material to the print head. Securely connecting the feed tube to the hopper and the feed throat is paramount for proper flow and prevention of its disassembly leading to spilled material. Below are the steps to install your feed tube with a secure connection.

Connecting the Feed Tube to the Hopper:

  1. Screw the GBX Hopper Screw Collar (part shown below) 3 inches onto the feed tube with the flange of the collar facing the short end of the tube.
    • image.png
  2. Rotate the feed tube to the left to screw it into the threads in the base of the hopper until the tube is flush with the inside surface of the hopper.
    • screw_feed_tube_in_hopper.jpg
  3. Secure the feed tube in place by turning the GBX Hopper Screw Collar to the left until it is snug. Do not over-tighten the collar or risk tearing the feed tube.
    • tighten_hopper_outer_collar.jpg

Connecting the Feed Tube to the Feed Throat:

  1. Insert one Feed Throat Screw Lock into the feed tube (parts shown in photos below)
    • Screw Lock: 
    • Screen_Shot_2020-07-01_at_4.40.55_PM.png
    • Feed Throat
    • 5_19_20_GBX_Updates_Feed_Throat_rev9.png
  2. Screw the second feed throat screw lock 3 inches onto the feed tube
  3. Screw the feed tube into the screw lock that is in the feed throat
  4. Tighten the screw locks to secure the feed tube according to the directions in the photo below:
    • Screen_Shot_2020-07-02_at_2.05.42_PM.png

Now the feed tube is secured and ready for the hopper to be filled with material to print. If you have any questions, please email

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