Gigabot Dimensions

Are you looking for the dimensions of our different models and configurations of Gigabot? Well look no further!

Here are the dimensions, listed in X x Y x Z (or Width x Depth x Height) per the picture below. We are not including the filament tube in this measurement because it's a flexible piece.

  1. Gigabot 3+ Regular: 35.9in x 41.6in x 41.2in
  2. Gigabot 3+ XLT: 33.9in x 47.6in x 53.2in
  3. Gigabot X Regular: 36in x 39in x 69.8in (includes wheels)
  4. Gigabot X XLT: 33.9in x 43.6in x 81.8in (includes wheels)
  5. Terabot: 53.2in x 55.6in x 76.2in (includes wheels)
  6. Gigabot + Rolling platform: +8.4in to the Z dimension
  7. Gigabot + Enclosure:
    • Regular: 38.2in x 43.8in x 53.4in
    • XLT: 38.2in x 49.8in x 65.4in
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