Replacing a Gigabot X Nozzle

GBX specific nozzle (single piece)

  1. Determine that you have to remove the GBX nozzle and can’t avoid it
  2. Heat up the heating zones to 180C on the bottom, 100C in the middle, and 50C on top
  3. Put cardboard or something similar beneath the nozzle to protect the bed in case the nozzle falls after unscrewing it from the extruder barrel. A hot nozzle that falls on the bed can damage the PrintinZ print surface. 
  4. Use a vise grip to clamp onto the extruder barrel right below the heat sink to hold the extruder in place while unscrewing the nozzle.
  5. Use a ⅝” size wrench to unscrew the nozzle. It should be turned clockwise if looking down at the bed or counter-clockwise if looking up from the bed.
  6. After removal, place the hot nozzle on a surface that can withstand the high temperature while the nozzle cools.
  7. Replace the nozzle by first making sure the crush washer is between the nozzle and the barrel
  8. Screw the nozzle into the barell, then torque it until it is completely secure. A torque setting has not been established for this process yet.


GBX adapter style nozzle:

The adapter style nozzle uses a machine steel part to mate the barrel to the smaller, standard FFF nozzles. For this replacement, you will only need to remove the smaller nozzle by using a 7mm wrench. Screw in the replacement nozzle, then torque it to 34.5 in-lbs.


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