Replacing a Gigabot nozzle


Replacing a nozzle on Gigabot is a delicate process that is unadvised unless you have a torque wrench and experience. The nozzle is a fragile component that is precision tightened into the heater block, and its proper functionality is essential to the operating of the Gigabot. The need to replace the nozzle may be due to a clog or erosion, or to change its diameter to  its capabilities of resolution with a different diameter. However, there are other solutions to these problems and changes -- please contact for help determining the best solution.


  1. Determine that you have to remove the Gigabot nozzle and can’t avoid it
  2. Heat up the hot end to 180C
  3. Put cardboard or other similar material beneath the nozzle to protect the bed in case the nozzle falls after unscrewing it. A hot nozzle that falls on the bed can damage the PrintinZ print surface.
  4. Use pliers to grip the heat sink to prevent it from rotating while unscrewing the nozzle.
  5. Use a 7mm size wrench to unscrew the nozzle. It should be turned clockwise if looking down at the bed or counter-clockwise if looking up from the bed.
  6. After removal, place the hot nozzle on a surface that can withstand the high temperature while the nozzle cools.
  7. Take your replacement nozzle and screw it into the heater block, stopping before its tight
  8. Next you will need to use a torque wrench to tighten the nozzle to the below specs:
    1. If you are replacing the nozzle on a standard size hot end:
      1. 27.5 in-lbs if the hot end is hot
      2. 34.5 in-lbs if the hot end is room temperature
    2. If you are replacing the nozzle on our Mondo heater block
      1. 31.5 in-lbs if the hot end is hot
      2. 39.5 in-lbs if the hot end is room temperature 

For a brief video covering this process for a standard hot end you may watch this video: Link

Questions or concerns? Contact to open a support ticket.

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