Removing Filament Stuck in Hot End

In the event of a hot end jam or heat creep when the filament gets stuck in the hot end, please follow these steps to remove the filament.

  1. Remove the fans from the hot end(s) that the filament is stuck in
  2. Use the Viki to heat up the hot end(s) to 200C while gently pulling upwards on the filament. This will allow the filament in the heat sink to detach from the walls allowing it to be removed.
  3. Once it pulls free, put the fans back on the hot end and wait one minute so the heat sink cools down.
  4. Clip off about 6 inches of the filament, then reinsert it back into the hot end and extrude some until the plastic comes through the nozzle.
  5. If no plastic is coming through the nozzle, you likely have a hot end or nozzle clog. Please follow the steps in this article to clean it: Performing a "Cold Pull"
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