Uninterrupted Power Supply to Protect your Prints

An uninterrupted power supply (UPS) is the best way to protect your printer from failing during power outages or surges. In the event of an outage, the uninterrupted power supplies we recommend will provide at least 8 minutes of printing time to hopefully span the time it takes to restore mainline power to the printer. Here is a video overview and demonstration of a UPS:


We recommend you use the following UPS for your respective printer(s).


If power is not restored before the UPS completely discharges, then the printer will turn off, and you will need to use our print recovery tool found in this article to continue printing where it left off: Recover a Print


**NOTE: If your printer turns off and the hot ends are at printing temperature, then the fans won't be able to run to cool off the heat sinks of the hot ends. This will result in heat creep causing the filament to become stuck in the hot ends or even in the extruder body. To prevent this in the event of a failure, remove the filament from the hot ends and try to restore power to the Gigabot quickly so the fans can turn on. If you are unable to catch the printer during the failure and you have filament stuck in the hot ends, please use this article to remove the filament: Removing Filament Stuck in Hot End


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