Installing Hot End Fans to the Fan Mounts


Before we start with the instructions, we need to make the important notice that there are three groups of fans in the GB3+ dual extruder wiring harness that each serve a separate purpose. There is the print head housing fan, the heat sink fan, and the outrigger fan. The print head housing fan cools the extruder motors, the heat sink fans cool the heat sink of the hot end to allow it to extrude filament, and the outrigger fans, which are not always used in printing, cool the plastic as it prints to achieve certain printing qualities. Each heat sink fan is paired with an outrigger fan in the wiring harness, and the print head housing fan is solo, as shown below.


More importantly, in each pair of hot end fans, the outrigger fans are distinguished by a white paint dot on the sticker:



Installation instructions:

  1. If you are replacing the exisiting set of fans, first use a 2.5mm allen wrench to unscrew the screws and remove the old fans.
  2. Using a 2.5mm allen wrench, screw in M3x14 socket head cap screws through the fans and into the mounts. *Important* The heat sink fan goes on the side that has 4 screw holes, which is on the opposite side of the clip on the fan mount. The outrigger fan gets two screws and is perpendicular to the heat sink fan. The stickers get put face down on the mount. This is shown below:
    1. Fan location:
      • fans_on_mount.jpg
    2. Stickers on the inside of the mount:
      • fan_stickers_on_the_inside.jpg
    3. Wires coming from corners of fans are closest to each other, and the fan wire lays along the top length of the fan mount
      • Fan_wire_corners_and_positioning.jpg
  3. Screwing in the screws incrementally before they are all tight in order for all of the screws to align with the holes. Do not over-tighten or you will risk stripping the polycarbonate threads
    • fan_screw_incremental.jpg
  4. Repeat this process for the other fan mount.
  5. Once the fans are installed, you are ready to place them on your Gigabot
    • finished_fans.jpg


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