Installing the Gigabot X Hopper Gantry Upgrade

The hopper gantry system provides more consistent material feeding to the
GBX extruder compared to the old hopper hood frame, which is especially critical for larger
parts with long print times.

The hopper gantry is partially disassembled for shipping, and will need some assembly
upon arrival. There will also be some parts from the old hopper hood frame that will be
repurposed for use with the hopper gantry, namely the upright aluminum extrusions.

To be compatible with the hopper gantry, it is necessary to have an updated extruder body.
To check that you have a compatible extruder body, measure the dimension pictured below
and confirm it is 2.36” (60mm).


An alternative way to check is to confirm that the [11336] GBX Feed Throat is Rev12 or


Once you confirm that your Gigabot X is eligible for the upgrade, please contact to inquire about the upgrade, or jump right into the instructions here if you already have it: Link to PDF Instructions

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