Replacing the Viki Wiring Harness

The Viki wiring harness connects the Viki LCD screen to the Azteeg control board. Its correct installation is crucial to the proper functionality of the electrical system. If your Viki wiring harness needs to be replaced, please follow the steps below. If you need to purchase a Viki wiring harness, you can find the replacement part on our shop here: Link to Viki wiring harness in re:3D shop


  1. Turn off and unplug the Gigabot from the wall or uninterrupted power supply.
  2. Open the electrical box.
  3. Find the Viki wiring harness coming into the electrical box on the right side and unplug all of the wires from the Azteeg board
    1. Viki_Wiring_harness_in_electrical_box.jpg
  4. Unscrew the grommet cap on the right side of the electrical box and pull the Viki wiring harness out of the electrical box
    1. Viki_grommet_cap_electrical_box.jpg
  5. Unscrew the grommet on the back of Viki mount to release its grip on the Viki cable.
    1. Viki_mount_grommet_capo.jpg
  6. Unscrew the 4 screws that connect the faceplate of the Viki to its mount.

    1. Viki_screws.jpg
  7. Gently remove the Viki and unplug the two wire connectors on the back of the Viki
    1. Viki_2.0_back_side_wiring_harness_connectors.jpg
    2. If your bot has a grounding wire on the faceplate as show below, unscrew this as well.Screen_Shot_2020-11-13_at_4.42.21_PM.png
  8. Remove the wiring harness and set aside until it is deemed to be malfunctioning at which point it can be thrown away. 
  9. Put the caps of both grommets back over the replacement Viki cable such that they face oppiste ways from each other.
    1. Viki_wiring_harness_grommet_caps.jpg
  10. Insert the two connectors and grounding wire through the hole on the back of the Viki mount
  11. Plug in the two connectors to the set of pins on the backside of the Viki as shown below. If you'd like the Viki wiring diagram from Panucatt, you can find it here: Link to Viki wiring diagram
    1. Viki_2.0_back_side_wiring_harness_connectors.jpg
  12. Fasten the ground wire (has circular terminal) to the lower right or left screw of the Viki control board shown below.
    1. Screen_Shot_2020-11-13_at_4.42.21_PM.png
  13. Reattach the Viki to the mount and tighten the grommet on the underside of the mount
  14. Route the wire into the control box through the grommet on the right side
  15. Attach the other end of the grounding wire to the grounding bolt on lower left corner of the back plateScreen_Shot_2020-11-13_at_4.40.34_PM.png
  16. Plug the wires from the wiring harness into the correct pins on the Azteeg control board as dictated by your specific wiring diagram listed below:
    1. Gigabot Wiring Diagrams

      Azteeg X3 PRO Wiring Diagram

      Azteeg X3 V2 Wiring Diagram

      Viki 1.0 and Azteeg 1.0

      Viki 2.0 and Azteeg 1.2

      Panucatt Viki 2.0


      Terabot Wiring Diagram

      Terabot Closed Loop REV2


      Gigabot X Wiring Diagram

      Gigabot X (S/N 0-5)

      Gigabot X (S/N 6-present)

  17. Tighten the grommet on the outside of the electrical box
  18. Plug the Gigabot back into the wall and turn it on.
  19. Verify the Viki works as intended. If it does not work, double check that you wired the Viki correctly.


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