Our trials with Octoprint

re:3D labs has been working for quite sometime to print wirelessly. For our Open Gigabot Kickstarter we attempted to develop our own solution but ran into some snags. We then found Octoprint and ever since have been testing it out on our machines. One of the things we did for the Open Gigabot is develop our own image of Octoprint which is setup for a pi foundation 7" touch screen.

The link to the image and its instructions can be found here.

Note: this is a unofficial mod to your Gigabot and cannot be supported by our support staff

With our testing we have also discovered some complications with our filament detection feature and how it interacts with the Octoprint system that can cause failed prints. We suggest you disable this feature in your firmware if you plan to use Octoprint to control your printer.

This has been our experience so far with Octoprint and we would love to hear from the Gigabot community on your experience with the platform.


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