Gigabox 2.0: Overview

Following up on last week's intro to the Gigabox 2.0, here is an overview of some of the features designed into the new enclosure.


Full coverage & passive heating:

This is a complete enclosure of Gigabot's print volume, intended to capture heat radiating from the electronics and heated bed (check out our previous post for motivations on enclosing the Gigabot!). The addition of a fan helps as either an enclosure exhaust or forcing convection within.



Rendering for full enclosure



Hood structure:

A frame was added above the bot for an enclosed hood. This was the simplest way to enclose the build volume while allowing clearance for the moving bridge assembly, cable carriers, filament tubes, etc. of the GB3+. It also has the added benefit of being backwards compatible.


Custom paneling:

The various new panel additions are designed to fit the standard Gigabot frame, optimized for both ease of shipping and assembly.



As may be expected, there is easy accessibility through the front of the Gigabot via the folding front and hood panels. The hood side panels are also removable, which is especially helpful when servicing the trolley assembly, such as during a hot end swap or filament change. 



Demonstration of the folding front panels



Demonstration of folding hood panels



Demonstration of hood side panel access


In future posts we will take more in-depth looks at certain aspects of the enclosure design and some of the hurdles we've come across. Have any feedback, questions, or other comments? Please leave them in the comments below!



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