Pellet Extruder: Questions for the Community

Hello everyone,

If you did not know yet, re:3D had been hard at work on designing a pellet extruder for our printing platform. we already have a working prototype, which we have been tuning and perfecting. We are going to continue this process but would love to get your thoughts on what features or uses you would envision for a 3D printer that uses pellets instead of filament. 


  1. If you were comparing a pellet extruder to a filament extruder on your Gigabot, what would convince you to switch to pellets?
  2. Does the potential that you could use recycled plastic in the pellet extruder matter to you? Why?
  3. From the list below which feature in a pellet printer matters the most and why?
    1. Cost savings when using pellets vs filament
    2. Print quality  
    3. Print consistency
    4. Printing parts faster with larger nozzle (1.5 - 2.5mm)
  4. Would you consider a pellet printer as an upgrade to your current Gigabot or would the ability to print from pellets be reserved to a separate, dedicated printer? Why?
  5. What materials would you expect to print with the pellet extruder?
  6. What layer resolution would you want to be able to print at?
  7. What would you name re:3D’s pellet extruder revision?

Thanks and Happy Printing!!!


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