First ABS Print - 3DBency @ 300%

I am pretty excited about my first ABS print, but I would like to continue to learn how to resolve the few issues that presented, so input would be greatly appreciated.

Chief Hacker previously said that zits are usually caused by either too many triangles or by the print speed being too high. In this case we are dealing with a 3D printer test model, so it seems odd that the number of triangles would be too high, which suggests that the print speed is the issue - except I was using the default settings for OpenGB in Simplify3D.

At this size the text came out fairly clear, but even in the hull there are a few zits visible. Not as many as in the stack mind you.

Overall the lines seem crisp and clean and the issue with registration between the layers seems to have been solved by ensuring that the hot end was seated in the extruder well and tight so that it was not able to move during printing. Port hole is nice and round with only a slight defect at the very top. The ring around the port hole is really nice and sharp.

Closeup of the stack zits...

A tiny bit of trouble printing the top of the doorway arches, but again, this is without any kind of support.

The bottom of the cabin roof is surprisingly flat considering that again, it had no support at all. Did Simplify3D reduce speed considerably in order to do that, and if so, could that feature be increased in other areas such as at the top of the doorway arches to improve the print quality?

Detail on the steering wheel is nice and sharp, as are things like the door posts.

Details such as the holes in the stack and the hole at the stern are quite nice and clean, and the box on the aft deck is also nice and sharp with fairly sharp inside corners.

The bottom came out fairly clean with legible text despite being printed on a raft and having to remove that with the scraper post-printing.

Any thoughts and comments are greatly appreciated.


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