We tested a sample spool from our friends PRINTinZ of their PLA / PHA on Gigabot and here are the results. 

re:3D Filament Testing

Use the following three factory files for filament testing:


  • Benchy
  • Vase
  • Logo
  • Moai

Manufacturer:    Sold by PRINTinZ   

Filament Name:   PLA/PHA

Color Tested:        silver

Date Received: 6/10/2016

Date Tested:     6/20/2016

Ease of use:   excellent

Appearance:         shiny

Size consistency:    great

Color consistency:  great

Odor: none detected

Manufacturer’s recommendations

o   Speed: none given mm/s

o   Temperature: 220

o   Infill %: any

o   Layer Height: tested at 0.3175mm

o   Printer Used: GB # 298

o   Print temperature used: 220 C (nozzle) /50C (bed)

o   Speed used: 60 mm/s

o   Layer Height:0.3175 mm

o   Infill: 15%

o   Odor: none

o   Type(s) of print surface used: Print n Z


Bed adhesion (1: terrible-5: fabulous!)

  •    5

Stringing (1: lots -5: none!)

  •    4

Shrinkage (1: lots-5: none!)

  •    4-None!

Interlayer adhesion (1: terrible-5: fabulous!)

  •    4- Perfect!

Notes: Accidentally printed moi at 235C and noticed some blobbing and uneven layers.



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