1st Round Test Print (Wrong Profile)

Progress! Thanks for the info on bed leveling Mike. It helped a lot.

OK, the first one kind of looks like a birds nest, but I then tightened up the gap between the print head and the bed, then put down some double sided tape to stick it better and re-applied the Gigabot machine profile (I thought I had done this but when I checked it said Reprap...) and the next one is much better. Still not as good as the alum powder sample from Shapeways but not bad to my first print at all.

I also skipped the filament calibration step and leveled the bed with a business card for a feeler gauge rather than using a dial gauge...

We are also supposed to print just a 20mm x 20mm x 20mm cube for our first print but well, this seemed more fun!

A few things that can be tightened up for sure, but big progress today! Woot!!!

EDIT: This demonstrates how important the RIGHT Profile is  - once we got the RIGHT profile we were away to the races.


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