OpenGB Print Hangs

Hello all,

We had a couple of reports of the OpenGB application hanging during longer prints. There's a github issue covering this here.

As per my last comment on the issue I've just released OpenGB 0.22.3 which includes some performance improvements and additional logging. This may eliminate the hanging bug altogether or at the very least provide us with more log data to work with.

To upgrade please follow the instructions in the OpenGB docs. Before printing ensure that debug logging is enabled by setting

logging = "debug"

...in the config file /etc/opengb/opengb.conf

You can restart OpenGB by simply rebooting your RasPi or issuing:

sudo service opengb restart

Once this is done if you could run some test prints to see if you encounter this issue again that would be helpful. If you do experience the issue please report your experiences via the github issue, including the log lines (/var/log/opengb/opengb.log) from ~ the time your print hung.

Many thanks for your help + patience.




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