Calibrating XYZ

Calibrating XYZ

Correct calibration is important for accurately sized prints. This is not that important if you are just going to be printing artistic or fun things. It is important if your prints have to fit with parts coming from other sources, such as metal or machined parts.

  1. Connect Open Gigabot's USB cable to your computer
  2. Turn on Open Gigabot
  3. Start Pronterface
  4. Click on <Connect> button at the top of the screen

Read the current extruder calibration number in Pronterface

Pronterface will display:

echo:Stored settings retrieved
echo:Steps per unit:
echo:  M92 X118.52 Y118.52 Z4031.50 E1000.00
  1. Check that filament is installed in extruder

  2. Print the 20mm-box.stl file

  3. Before removing the box from OBG, mark sides X and Y
  4. Measure X,Y and Z using a caliper or micrometer and record

  5. Perform calculation:

    (Commanded size x old calibration number) / actual size = new calibration number

    In my case here are the calcs I ended up with:

    X - (20 x 118.52) / 20.35 = 116.48
    Y - (20 x 118.52) / 20.3 = 116.77
    Z - 10 x 4031.5 / 9.8 = 4113.78

  6. Save the results

    Simplify3D >> Edit Process Settings >> Scripts tab >> Starting Script tab >> First through third lines - Change:

    M92 Xxxx ; calibrate X

    M92 Yxxx ; calibrate Y

    M92 Zxxxx ; calibrate Z

    To reflect the results of your calculations.

  7. Repeat steps 2 through 4.

    If the cube now measures exactly 20 x 20 x 10 then you have successfully calibrated your OGB. If not, then repeat the rest of the process.

  8. When you have the calibration completed

    Update your copy of the OpenGB Config File so that if you need to reimport it into Simplify3D again in the future you won't loose your calibration. Open the .fff file in Notepad or Notepad++ and replace the four instances of:

    "M92 X118.52 ; calibrate X,M92 Y118.52 ; calibrate Y,M92 Z4031.5 ; calibrate Z,"

    with your calculated results, i.e.

    "M92 X116.48 ; calibrate X,M92 Y116.77 ; calibrate Y,M92 Z4113.78 ; calibrate Z,"


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