Getting Started with your Open Gigabot

The team at Re:3D has been hard at work getting documentation for every part of the Open Gigabot platform.  This thread is for unboxing and setting up and getting your first print started on your new printer.  

Unboxing and unpacking:

A member of the community Shawn Fitzpatrick made two amazing forum post about the important sections of uncrating the open gigabot 


Bed Triangle Braces

(we will also be working on a full unboxing section coming soon to the wevolver and will be put here once complete)

Installing the handles and the control panel:

Handle installation

Panel installation

Loading the printer with filament:

Filament loading 

Connecting to a computer:

you will now be able to power up your printer and connect it via the program pronterface to a computer start setting up your first print 

***NOTE***- you only need to go up to step 5 at this point

pronterface guide

Leveling your bed:

before you start your first print you will need to make sure the bed is fully leveled to get good adhesion of plastic to the surface of the bed

bed leveling guide 

***NOTE***- go straight to step 4

bed information from manufacturer 

I suggest you look at the manufacturer information it has a lot of great hints 

Starting Your First Print:

we suggest you use our presliced file first to make sure everything is working properly on the printer before slicing files yourself.

premade test file (20mm cube)

loading and printing using proterface

***NOTE***- go straight to step 6

Slicing your own files:

one you successfully print the 20mm cube you are ready to print your own files.  Below is a guide to install our premade simplify3D profile.

Simplify profile  


Hopefully this helps you guys out and if there is anything you want to see added or have edit suggestions please don't hesitate to ask.



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