How do I access the Servo expansion ports of the Azteeg X3 controller?

Greetings -

I'm doing some experimentation with my Gigabot in an effort to expand the number of extruders, add bed leveling, etc.  On the Azteeg X3 controller's daughter card two Servo ports are broken out as pins, along with two +5 and two Ground pins.  The top-middle Servo expansion pin is D44, and it can be easily accessed within the board's firmware with a command like this:

#define DRS_D44_PIN 44  // RESET.

pin_selected = DRS_D44_PIN;

digitalWrite(pin_selected, HIGH);

But... on the Panucatt documentation for V2 of the controller the bottom-middle Servo expansion pin is listed as D55 in the schematic.  I don't believe there is any such Arduino Mega pin.  So, anyone know how to address this Servo expansion pin?

I've tried emailing and calling Panucatt but they have not been responsive.  Anyone know this?


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