Community Update with Important App Information

Hey guys wanted to give you an update on what the re:3D team has been working on.  First is the big decision regarding the Open Gigabot Application.  We spent a lot of time working really hard on this section of the project, but after a lot of discussion and reflection amongst the team we realized that we still were not able to deliver a product that has the consistency and features we wanted in a control software.  Because of this we are pushing in the direction of Octoprint as a replacement.  It has all the features we are looking for as well as tremendous community support and is only getting better every update.  We have been hard at work developing an image of octoprint that will work with the touchscreen and will only require a minor amount of setup on your part.  If you follow this link below you will find the download for the image as well as instructions on how to get it running on your printer.

link:  https://www.wevolver.com/re.3d/opengb/octoprint/description/

The next thing we have been doing is working on the archives on Wevolver.com.  There were a lot of sections of the Open Gigabot project that had a lot of cool development while we prototyped multiple solutions in parallel, and we believe all of the material should be shared with the community in the spirit of open source.  This is where these projects such as the Gigaboard and the OGB app will live and we will be adding more as we find it.

There are also parts of this projects we are still hard at work on that we want the community to know about. Finishing touches are being put on the BOM for release so be on the lookout for that soon.  We are also looking at the cool features that can be added onto the Octoprint system such as the filament detection which we really want to see finally be fully implemented on this machine.

Thanks and Happy Printing!


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