Old GB2 upgraded to GB2.5

So, I work for Northrop Grumman in R&D. We have an old G2 Gigabot, single Extruder with J Style hot end. Non-heated bed. It was just sitting there on a pallet not being used. I was like...why are we not using this asset for rapid prototyping. So I decided to get it up and running. It took a minute as I was not familiar with a Gigabot 3d printer. Once I did, it worked wonderfully. But I wanted to be able to print out ABS, so I decided to upgrade it.

Upgrade #1:

-Heated bed (Accidently was sent to 220V version).

- Viki 1.0 to Viki 2.0.


Something happened during the upgrade to my Azteeg X3 board, so it got upgraded to the Azteeg X3 Pro. Doing this upgrade is not nomal because the Pro ony has firmware for the 3+ (Dual Extrusion, All Hot End, Filament detection). YOU MUST KNOW HOW TO WRITE CODE TO MAKE IT ALL WORK.

I had to make several changes to the Marlin firmware code to make it work (Change settings in Marlin configuration and pins files). I then uploaded it using Arduino IDE. I used GB+ PRO Dual Extruder 4.1.5 firmware a my baseline. I will post my exact changes at a later date.

Since I received a 220V heated bed as a mistake, I will attempt to simply use it. The major differences is the bed relay and ohm values. The 220V is 8 Ohms, the 110V is 16 Ohms heating elements. My plan is to find the conversion table or formula in the firmware and change it as needed if it doesn't heat like it is supposed to.



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