PLA with PETG Support

I was looking for some help with printing with the PLA onto the PETG support. I have been experimenting with this set up to make cleaner models and when I first started I was getting some super clean prints but after our machine went down I went to print out this knuckle model and ever since I have been having trouble were the PLA comes in contact with the PETG support. It looks like the PLA doesn't stick to PETG and/or that the PETG is tranferrrng too much heat to the PLA and causing the part to warp. I have tried adjust the PETG nozzle temp, the bed temp, replaced the fans, changed out the exhaust fan bracket for an older model that were closer to the bed (actually destroyed a set of fans doing that). Any help would be greatly appreciated. I even went and re-downloaded the PLA/PETG profile to make sure I hadn't accidentally saved something wrong but the one on the left is using the basic profile I downloaded a week ago. The one on the right had the bed temp at 110C and an ooze shield for the PETG Nozzle.





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