Send us your puzzling print fails!

Fellow 3D printing ninjas!

Next month we're having a free 3D printing troubleshooting class at our Houston HQ, and we want to hear from YOU!

Can't get that flexible to print just right? Having problems with bed adhesion? Are your prints looking less like Michaelangelo and more like Pollock?

Post below pictures and print questions you need answered by our expert 3D Printing Ninjas here at re:3D. We'll add them to the topics discussed in our class and will make sure to circle back and get you the answers you need.


3D Printing Troubleshooting Class

Tuesday, October 15, 2019


re:3D Houston HQ

1100 Hercules Ave, Suite 220

Houston, TX 77058

If you'd like to attend the class in person, click here


Look forward to seeing your puzzlers! Hope you don't stump us though!





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