GBX Update Feb 19 2020

In the interest of supporting GBX owners, Aubrey and I have been holding a monthly GBX webinar to discuss R&D updates, customer feedback, and any around-the-room ideas or questions. We also want to regularly publish the webinar content to this forum so GBX updates are available to those who didn’t attend the webinar.


Feature Updates

High Temperature Enclosure

What it does: Enables the printing of materials prone to warping, especially high-temperature and high-strength materials. This includes PC, PP, HDPE, PEEK, Ultem, and more


  • Bellows are installed on a GBX
  • Enclosure temperature tests planned


3D Printed Motor Coupler Insert

What it does: Replaces the standard red elastomer motor coupler insert, which has shown deformation over long-term testing on in-house GBXs. A higher fidelity 3D printed insert will last longer, be more easily replaced, and can potentially make retraction more effective due to less deformation.


  • 3D printed nylon insert designed and printed
  • Currently testing on an in-house GBX. It has printed for a few hours, but we’ll let the GBX print for an entire week and then reassess.


Upgraded Motor Driver + Motor Driver Case

What it does: The updated motor driver is now fully programmable, which means we can get more torque out of the extruder motor. The motor driver case has been updated to improve assembly and installation of enclosure panels.


  • Currently working on in-house GBXs, and will be included in all future GBXs


Material Testing

Below are the materials tested on GBX so far. Any materials not listed or any boxes not checked does not exclude that material from being able to print on GBX. It only indicates that they haven’t been tested yet.



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