Protecting OGB's Trolley Fan and your fingers

Hello everyone, 

While working with Open Gigabot (OGB) over the last few months, I’ve often found myself accidentally hitting the fan that’s mounted on the front of the trolley (with both filament and my hands!) while loading and unloading filament. This has led to more than a few broken nails. I was worried about accidentally breaking the fan so I’ve made a cover to mount over the trolley fan to help protect the fan (and my fingers):

It’s sized to cover the entire front of the 30mm x 30mm fan without blocking airflow. I’ve now had the fan cover on re:3D’s in-house OGB for a month and it hasn’t caused any interference with other parts and no more broken nails so far! 

Even though OGB only uses two screws to mount the fan to the trolley, I included four mounting holes in the cover so there’s no right or wrong way to mount it, and it can be used to cover any standard 30mm x 30mm fan. 

The STL file for this cover can be found on re:3D’s sketchfab account.

Happy printing!


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