Virtually Maker Faire 2020 - 3D Printing PPE: ZippyShield

Hi everyone,

Last weekend we gave a presentation at Virtually Maker Faire about re:3D's experience in 3D printing PPE for the COVID19 response effort, with a specific emphasis on ZippyShield, a face shield we designed in collaboration with a hospital in the Texas Medical Center. 

The presentation touches on open source PPE designs, as well as how to conduct the design process across a distributed team. It also includes lots of links to various open source and nonprofit resources.

A PDF of the presentation can be found here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-ScxfQYthC7PZ4GEMCXYeEyJwjHSWa3Y/view 

To read more about re:3D's COVID19 response efforts, see our blog post.

And as always, we're continually inspired by how people use our 3D printers! We hope that the above serve as helpful resources for anyone printing PPE or medical supplies on Gigabots.


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