GBX Update June 16 2020

Hi everyone! I hope everyone is continuing to stay safe given the pandemic. In the meantime, below are the GBX R&D updates from the past month:


GBX-Specific Articles on the re:3D Knowledge Base

We are continually building out our documentation and resources for Gigabot X. A few months ago we migrated our old Wiki to our new re:3D Knowledge Base, which houses a variety of articles on 3D printing and troubleshooting. In the past month, we published the following GBX-specific articles:


Since GBX was built on the GB3+ platform, a number of GB3+ articles are also helpful for GBX, such as instructions on bed leveling or belt tensioning. These knowledge base articles are a great place to start when troubleshooting, and the support@re3d.org email is always available for customer support.


Crammer Firmware and Slicer Software Integration Underway

As part of our efforts for printing with recycled materials, we’re developing what we call a crammer to improve the printability of non-uniform particles. The crammer is  a modified 3D printed feed throat with a motorized auger that physically pushes particles into the GBX extruder. Previous prototypes used an external board to run the crammer motor, and recent work has involved hijacking Marlin’s DUAL_NOZZLE_DUPLICATION_MODE to turn the crammer motor at the same time as the pellet extruder motor.


Recycled Polycarbonate Flake Printing

As another part of our efforts to 3D print with recycled plastic, Brian has continued printing with polycarbonate flake from recycled ID cards from HID Global, a company headquartered in Austin, TX. Utilizing a vibration motor has significantly improved material flow, and Brian is optimizing the settings. So far, he has achieved the following prints:


Improved GBX Motor Driver Enclosure

The [11352] GBX Motor Driver Enclosure has been updated to Rev5. The new design revision improves ventilation and assembly, and reduces wire strain.



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