GBX Update Nov 19 2020

Hi everyone! Here are the GBX R&D updates from the past month:


New GBX Extruder Cover

Michelle, our drafter, has made a new extruder cover for GBX. The main function of the extruder cover is to improve safety by covering the hot sections of the extruder and by protecting the electrical components. The new cover also comes with the following improvements:

  • A built-in fan for the motor
  • A clip to hold the feed tube above the feed throat
  • Wire management
  • Cover to prevent plastic from falling on top of the topmost heater block

Larger Input Hole in Extruder Body

To help with feeding issues, the input hole in the extruder body was extended in height to allow more plastic for flow into the extruder barrel. The feed throat was correspondingly updated, widening the internal geometry and allowing more flow.


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