GBX Update June 21 2022

Hello everyone. Here are the GBX Updates from last month.


Gigabot X2 (Klipper, 32 Bit Board)

Since last month, the first Gigabot X2 beta unit was shipped after 100 hours of test printing. However, progress on subsequent beta units are currently on hold as we conduct some additional electronic solutions as we scale shipments.


GBX 1.5 Simplify Profile

In conjunction with the release of the first Gigabot X2 beta unit, the GBX 1.5 Simplify Profiles were released on re:3D’s Github. This release includes:

  • fff files for Regular and XLT build volumes
  • Resolution-dependent and material-dependent settings are combined in one profile and selectable via dropdowns
  • Compatibility for both Marlin and Klipper firmware

For instructions on how to import an fff profile into Simplify3D, see the Gigabot Printing Profiles Knowledge Base article.


Tech Briefs Competition

Gigabot X has been submitted to the 2022 Tech Briefs Create the Future competition. Check out the entry at "Gigabot X: Recycling Plastic via Pellet 3D Printing" and vote for us by July 1st. To vote, you’ll need to register and follow the instructions here: https://contest.techbriefs.com/how-to-vote.


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