Azteeg controller not controlling a Gigabot

Greetings -

The Azteeg controller of my Gigabot appears to be unable to sense or drive the printer. Using Pronterface (Mac version 2014.03.10) and I am able to connect to the controller (via the USB interface) all commands are ignored. The attached Vicki LCD shows a line of solid character blocks, a blank line, a 2nd line of solid character blocks, and another blank line. Power cycling the controller has no effect.

The difficulty exists regardless of which system Pronterface is run on (MacBook/OSX 10.9.2 or Dell/Windows 7).

Validated that the voltage being delivered to the Azteeg controller is 24 v dc and that the 20A fuse on the controller is not blown. Re-seated all controller components (daughter board and the 4 driver boards).

All wiring connections appear to be tight.

Suggestions on how to proceed would be much appreciated.

Thanks -



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