Shipping and Crate Tracking Information


If you have contacted re:3D support about shipping your Gigabot to the factory for diagnostics and repair, the shipping manager or YRC will send you an email containing the Bill of Lading and labels. 


  1. Print out two copies of the BOL -- one for the driver to sign for you, and one for your files.
  2. Print out at least three labels and attach them to different sides of the crate.
  3. Print out our address (below) and attach it to the crate.


Attn: Matthew Fiedler

1100 Hercules Ave.

Suite 220

Houston, Texas 77058



You can track your YRC shipment by: 

  1. Going to
  2. Clicking on "Track" in the top menu bar
  3. Clicking on "Pro Number Tracking"
  4. Entering your tracking number
  5. Clicking "Find Shipment" 


Questions or concerns? Did you not receive an email? Reach out to our support team at, open a support ticket, or call 512-713-0033 ext. 3.

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