Change Filament Glitch


I'm looking for some help troubleshooting an issue. My gigabot seems to be stuck in the "change filament" sequence because after the filament is changed (it heats up, retracts, insert filament, then extrude,then done), it goes to the home position and then restarts the change filament sequence all over again. The same glitch happens when I initiate any print file from the sd card. After heating the bed and heating the nozzle, instead of starting the print, it jumps into "change filament" mode. I It doesn't seem to want to do anything else, even after rebooting the gigabot. Any idea what might be going on or how it can be fixed?

I might add that periodically the y-motor runs away in the positive direction until it hits the rail. I usually jump up and flip the switch to the off position before it hits the rail. This occasionally happens right after the change filament sequence is complete which makes me think it is related to the other problem.  



Daniel Calderon


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