Leveling the Nozzles for Dual Extrusion


Leveling the nozzles on your Gigabot is a simple process, but it may take several attempts and a bit of patience. Follow the instructions below, or refer to the video for guidance. 

Tools Needed: 


  1. Remove the fans from the hot ends.
  2. Using a 2.5mm Allen key, loosen the hot ends and pull straight down.
  3. Re-tighten the hot ends.
  4. Raise the bed at the 0.1 increment until one nozzle makes contact with the block or zero setter.
  5. Continue raising the bed until the other nozzle makes contact with the block or zero setter.
  6. Loosen the first nozzle that made contact with the block or zero setter and raise it until both nozzles are making contact with the block or zero setter. 
  7. When passing the block between the bed and the nozzles, you should feel the same amount of drag for each nozzle. If you are using a zero setter, the measurements of the two nozzles should be within .001in of one another.
  8. Continue raising or lowering the bed as needed to make the adjustments. 
  9. When the nozzles are level, ensure that the gear blocks are straight and secure the nozzles tightly. 
  10. Replace the hot end fans, ensuring they rest between the grooves on the hot ends. A small gap should be present between the fan and the bottom of the trolley. 

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