Gigabot Calibration Procedures


Gigabot and Terabot are precision machines, so they need to be maintained appropriately to ensure they function as intended. This article puts all of Gigabot's calibrations in one place so it is an easy to follow format. If at any point you need assistance, please reach out to our Support team by emailing


Calibration Steps:

  1. Belt and Wheel Tension
  2. Leveling the Hot End Nozzles (For printers with two extruders only)
  3. Leveling the Bed Frame (Only necessary if the bed is canted)
  4. Leveling the Bed
  5. Setting the Z-Axis Home Position
  6. Single Extrusion Calibration 
  7. Dual Extrusion Calibration (For printers with two extruders only)
  8. Calibrating the Gigabot X Extrusion Rate (Gigabot X ONLY)
  9. Calibrating the Filament Feed (Gigabot 2) (Gigabot 2 ONLY)

And to ensure your printer remains calibrated for as long as possible between recalibration, please keep your Gigabot maintained with the steps found in this article: Gigabot Maintenance Schedule 

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