Replacing the Extruder Motor Cable

Tools Needed: 

  • 2.5mm Allen key
  • 5.5mm wrench
  • Small flat-head screwdriver

Parts Needed:

Important Safety Information: Disconnect your Gigabot from power and make sure it is turned off during the removal and installation processes!

We strongly recommend testing the new extruder motor cable before performing a full installation to ensure that it provides the desired solution. Leave the old cable in place, except for terminals and connectors, until you have verified that errors are no longer present. In this initial testing phase, please refrain from installing the new cable into the Panduit and cable carriers.


  1.  Using a 5.5mm wrench, open the electrical box. 
  2.  Carefully remove the plastic electrical box cooling duct using a 2.5mm Allen key. 
  3. Remove the print head cover and disconnect the extruder motor cable.
  4.  Connect the pins of the cable into the terminals on the Azteeg control board as shown below. (outlined in pink boxes)

Azteeg X3 Pro: 



Azteeg X3:

AzteegX3_wiring.pngRoute the cable along the filament tubes, plug it into the motor, and temporarily secure it with tape or zip ties as shown in the photo below.


Perform a test of the new cable: 

  1.  Heat the hot end.
  2.  On your Gigabot's Viki Controller, go to "Prepare" > "Move Axis" > "Extruder (1 or 2)" > "1mm"
  3.  Turn the dial a quarter turn to verify the extruder motor is turning. 
  4.  Begin a print, and verify your Gigabot successfully completes printing. 

Once you have verified there are no further issues: 

  1. Remove the old cable from the Panduit and cable carrier and install the new cable in the same position.
  2.  Unscrew the cable from the control board and route it into the bottom of the electrical box through the grommet of the previous cable. Ensure that all connectors have ample strain relief. 
  3. Replace the electrical box cooling duct. 
  4. Reinstall the cooling duct fan and print head cover.
  5. Close the electrical box and continue printing. 

Questions or concerns? Reach out to our support team at or open a support ticket.  

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