Replacing the Hot End Fans and Mounts


  1. Turn off and unplug the Gigabot from the outlet
  2. Using a 2.5mm allen wrench, take off the back cover of the print head by removing the two screws shown below:
    • IMG_0143.png
    • remove_print_head_cover.jpg
  3. Remove two fan connections from the back plate and unplug.
    • IMG_3915.jpg
  4. Remove the fan mounts from the hot ends by gently pulling the clip off of the heat sinks
  5. Carefully slide the old print head cooling fan out of the print head cover slot:
    • print_head_fan.jpg
  6. Navigating the wire connectors through the hole in the back plate, remove the fan assembly from the whole print head. You may need to unplug the extruder motor cables to free them.
    • mceclip1.png
  7. If you are just replacing the fans and not the mounts, follow these instructions before continuing on: Installing Hot End Fans to the Fan Mounts
  8. With your new fan and mount assembly, put the new fan mounts on the hot ends by gently pushing the clips on the heat sinks. Make sure the outrigger fans are on the outside of the heat hot ends, and make sure the top of the fan mount is flush with the trolley plate:
    • fans_on_hot_ends.jpg
    • IMG_3920.jpg
  9. Put the hot end fan wires behind the extruder motors but leave the print head cooling fan over top, pass the connectors through the hole in the back plate, then plug the extruder motor wires back in.
    • fan_wire_behind_extruder_motors.jpg
    • mceclip0.png
    • IMG_3916.jpg
  10. Plug the fan wires into the previous wire harness making sure that the wires labelled "OR" get plug in with the other set of wires labelled "OR"
    • IMG_3917.jpg
  11. Put the connectors into the slot in the back plate
    • connectors_in_back_plate_slots.jpg
  12. Carefully slide the new print head cooling fan into the print head cover slot, making sure the sticker of the fan is facing the inside of the part
    • print_head_fan.jpg
  13. Replace the back cover and print head cover. Make sure that the fan wire is going through the notch in the print head cover and not getting pinched.
    1. IMG_3925.jpg
  14. Once completed, you are ready to start up your Gigabot again.

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