Replacing the Y-Axis Motor

Important Safety Information: Disconnect your Gigabot from power and make sure it is turned off during the removal and installation processes!


1. Remove the outer screws securing the motor to the frame as indicated in the photo below. Keep your hands on the motor during this step to prevent the motor from falling.


2. Remove the belt from around the pulley on the old motor. 

3. Holding the motor in one hand, route the Y-belt into the pulley, ensuring the belt is straight and not twisted in any way. 

4. Using two M5X45 screws and two M5 washers, secure the motor to the side of your Gigabot’s frame (placement outlined in photo above), using caution to not over-tighten.

5. Re tension the Y-axis belt using the instructions in this article: Belt and Wheel Tension

The video below outlines installing the new motor, starting at 1:32 (the video below will take you to that exact timestamp).

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